Middle & High School EL/Bilingual Education

Macomb Intermediate School District Support

The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) provides support to students identified as English language learners or limited English proficient (LEP)* by means of bilingual instructional assistants who work one-on-one or in small groups throughout the week. While each student is entitled to at least on assistive session per week, some students may require more or less support.

*LEP is a federally used term and limited proficient is not intended to describe a deficiency in students learning English as a second or additional language.

Exact Path

All students K-12 use Exact Path to practice and remediate reading and math skills. For students whose English literacy skills are still developing, or for challenging vocabulary, Exact Path has a translation feature built into each lesson, activity, and quiz. See the video below for instructions on use and access:

Because of Exact Path's adaptive nature, skills on reading and math learning paths are targeted and intentional, and will be reinforced as needed. If students are struggling in a particular area, it will flag this for the teacher to intervene and provide personalized support.

Coming Soon:

ELLii (formerly ESL Library), BrainPop ELL, and TeenBookCloud!


Using Section 41(a) funds from the Michigan Department of Education's Bilingual Education grant, we will be substantiating our supports for English language learners at the secondary level via ELLii (formerly ESL Library) and BrainPop ELL. TeenBookCloud will also provide access school-wide to a platform of ebooks, including high interest/low lexile (hi-lo) texts and graphic novels to bridge literacy gaps. Both will be accessible via Clever in 2023. Click on the images for each program below to learn more about the programs.

Elii Lessons


Brainpop ELL