Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Eastpointe Community Schools bond proposal. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

When is the election?

The election will be held on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Absentee ballots will be available after June 29, 2023, and can be cast through Election Day.

What is on the ballot?

A $36.4 million no-tax-rate increase bond proposal that is designed to improve safety and security, update and renovate the Early Learning Center and Eastpointe Elementary Schools, playgrounds, and parking lots, and update mechanical, roofing, and athletic sites at Eastpointe Middle School and Eastpointe High School.

What schools will be impacted by the bond proposal?

All Eastpointe Community Schools buildings: Bellview Elementary, Crescentwood Elementary, Forest Park Elementary, Pleasantview Elementary, Eastpointe Early Learning Center, Eastpointe Middle School, Eastpointe High School.

Will this bond proposal raise my taxes?

No. The bond proposal will not increase the current tax rate.

How will the bond proposal not increase the current tax rate?

The current (as of July 2023) Debt Retirement tax is 3.5 mills, per the signed form the district submitted to the Michigan Department of Treasury earlier this year. Starting in 2024, the payments needed to meet the debt from prior bonds will begin to fall off. If this bond passes, the rate of 3.5 mills would remain the same. 

Eastpointe Community Schools will extend the current tax rate for the entirety of the bond, which will not require any tax rate increase to complete the projects. 

What impact will the bond proposal have on the community?

All bond projects have been designed with students and the community foremost in mind. Research indicates that school districts with schools and facilities that are in good repair tend to have higher property values. Good schools and facilities are also key factors for families who are looking to relocate to a community. A full list of planned projects can be found below.

When was the last bond proposal passed?

The last bond proposal approved by Eastpointe Community Schools' voters was in 2009, 14 years ago. The primary focus of the 2009 bond was at the secondary level and included projects such as replacing roofs, boilers, and parking lots.

What is the projected enrollment for Eastpointe Community Schools?

Preschool and early elementary enrollment are projected to double in the next five years. Eastpointe Community Schools wants to make sure the school district's youngest learners have a space that will support their educational program. 

A YES vote typically means that a voter supports a ballot proposal. Is that the case in this election?

Yes. Voters who support the Eastpointe Community Schools bond proposal should vote YES; voters who oppose the proposal should vote NO.

What will happen if voters do not approve the bond proposal?

The bond projects cannot be completed as proposed. 

What is a bond?

A bond is a state-approved funding process for an identified list of projects. When voters approve a bond proposal, the school district sells bonds in the authorized amount and uses the bond sale proceeds to pay for the bond proposal projects. Bonds are typically paid back in 20-30 years. In many ways, the bonding process is like a homeowner refinancing their home and making payments over a period of years. The Eastpointe Community Schools’ bond proposal length is 27 years.

What can Eastpointe Community Schools bond proposal revenue be used for?

A bond for Eastpointe Community Schools is a State-approved funding process for a set scope of projects. 

Bonds can be used for:
  • Remodeling existing school buildings
  • Energy conservation improvements Site development and improvements
  • Athletic and physical education facility development and improvements
  • Playground development and improvements
  • Direct bond program costs such as, election fees, issuance costs, qualification fees, insurance fees, and final audit costs
  • Purchasing loose furnishings and equipment
  • Technology purchases are limited to hardware and communication devices that transmit, receive or compute information for pupil instructional purposes only. The initial purchase of an operating system and customized application software is allowed if purchased with the initial hardware.
Bonds CANNOT be used for:
  • Salaries, service contracts, lease payments, installment contracts, and supplies
  • Repairs, maintenance, or maintenance agreements
  • Purchasing automobiles, trucks, or vans
  • Portable classrooms purchased for temporary use
  • Uniforms
  • Textbooks
  • Upgrades to an existing computer operating system or application software
  • Computer training, computer consulting, or computer maintenance contracts.
Can any of the bond proposal funds be used for employee salaries or operating expenses?

No. Bond proposal funds cannot be used for employee salaries. They also cannot be used for repair or maintenance costs or other operating expenses. Bond proposal funds must be used only for purposes specified in the ballot language, and, as required by state law, they must be independently audited.

What can Eastpointe Community Schools bond proposal revenue be used for?

A bond for Eastpointe Community Schools is a State-approved funding process for a set scope of projects. How were the bond proposal projects identified? As part of the Eastpointe Community Schools’ strategic plan, school administrators worked with architectural, engineering, and construction management specialists to identify short- and long-term facility needs. The needs were prioritized, and the bond proposal projects were finalized.

Who reviews bond proposal projects before they are placed on the ballot?

Bond proposal projects must be reviewed and approved by the Michigan Department of Treasury. In addition, all renovations and upgrades must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Did the Michigan Department of Treasury approve the ECS bond proposal?

Yes. The Michigan Department of Treasury reviewed and approved all bond proposal projects.

How will the bond enhance the learning environment for students and expand services for the community?

At the early childhood and elementary level, projects include: enhancing safety and security; replacing paving and concrete; reconfiguring parking lots and bus loops; updating playgrounds and playfields; updating instructional technology; updating restrooms; replacing roofing; and, updating mechanical systems to add air conditioning.

At the middle and high school level, projects include: enhancing safety and security; adding a secure entry vestibule; renovating the Culinary Arts learning space; replacing paving and concrete; updating instructional technology; updating outdoor physical education equipment; renovating restrooms; improving athletic fields and the pool; replacing roofing; and, updating mechanical systems.

With the proposed interior and exterior updates, the track will be resurfaced for student and community use, the football/soccer practice field will be improved, and the pool equipment will be replaced to bring the pool back online for student and community use.

Will the bond provide for the installation of secure entrances?

Yes. Secure entrances will be constructed at the middle school and high school.

What arts improvements are included with the bond?

The Culinary Arts space will be renovated with the 2023 bond. Eastpointe Community Schools has used operational dollars and ESSER funds to update the Arts since the last bond. The improvements have included new auditorium seats and curtains, purchasing and repairing band instruments, and purchasing professional development for all Art teachers in the district.

What athletic improvements are included with the bond?

Playgrounds will be improved at all elementary buildings, the track will be resurfaced for student and community use, the tennis courts will be removed, the football/soccer practice field will be improved, and the pool equipment will be replaced to bring the pool back online for student and community use. Resurface the track.

When was the track last resurfaced?

The track was last resurfaced around 2006.  Track surfaces typically last about 8 years.  The current track surface is 8 or 9 years beyond its useful life.

Who can vote in the August 8 election?

Residents of Eastpointe Community Schools who will be 18 years of age or older on Election Day and are registered to vote can vote in this election.

Where can I get information about voting (such as how to register, where to vote, and absentee voting)?

Go to the Michigan Voter Information website or contact your local Clerk’s Office.

Do I need to update my voter registration?

You need to update your voter registration if you have changed your name or address since the last time you voted. You can do this at any Secretary of State Office or your local Clerk’s Office.

Can I vote by absentee ballot?

Registered voters do not need a reason to vote by absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot application from your Clerk’s Office or by going online to and clicking on Absentee Voting in the left column. Applicants will receive their absentee ballot in the mail. Absentee ballots will be available to voters after June 29 and can be cast through Election Day. 

Helpful Links

Michigan Voter Information Center
Eastpointe City Clerk
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Where Do I Vote?

Eastpointe Precinct Map
Warren Precinct Map

All Warren residents who live within the Eastpointe Community Schools district boundaries (Precincts 14, 15, and 16) vote at Crescentwood Elementary, 14500 Crescentwood Avenue.