Curriculum Overview

In Eastpointe Community Schools, curriculum is one component of the overall instructional infrastructure.  Eastpointe Community Schools believes it is the district’s responsibility to create and maintain a vertically and horizontally aligned curriculum and assessment system that includes developing, vetting, approving, rolling out, and revising curricular units for all content areas. 
Eastpointe Community Schools defines curriculum as district-articulated, grade level/subject specific content that is aligned to standards and learning targets with required common assessments that use multiple modalities (performance task, content-centered, student reflection, and systems-based). 
District approved curriculum will include:

  • A timeline for instruction (scope and sequence);
  • Required resources;
  • Exemplary activities;
  • Instructional time allocations required daily for core content areas;
  • K-12 literacy expectations that align to balanced literacy standards; and
  • Grade level/content area common assessments. 

District approved curriculum will be housed in Curriculum Crafter. 
It is expected that the district-approved curriculum be taught with fidelity in all PreK-12 classrooms. In addition, it is expected that teachers engage in professional learning communities (PLC), focused on the Four Critical Questions of a PLC and utilize multiple measures of data to differentiate classroom instruction based on student needs.  The district will approve all Tier II and III intervention/remediation approaches and resources.  
All instructional strategies used to deliver the curriculum must be aligned to the district’s visions for high-quality subject-specific instruction. They must be research-based, relevant, rigorous, and contribute to the comprehensive student experience.

Balanced Literacy Handbook Video

Eastpointe continues to strive to provide high quality  small group literacy instruction. This year we have launched our Balanced Literacy Handbook across K-5. 

Balanced Literacy Handbook Video