Board of Education

The Board of Education will vote Monday, November 26, to approve a new board policy manual.

Board of Education Goals

Student Achievement: We will increase student achievement in all curricular areas. 

Facilities & Operations: We will improve and maintain facilities and the effectiveness of operations. 

Positive Learning Environment: We will provide an environment conducive to learning that promotes relevance, rigor and positive relationships. 

Finance: We will improve and maintain the financial stability of the district. 

Communications & Community Involvement: We will improve communication and increase community and family involvement. 

Eastpointe Community Schools 
Board of Education

Jon S. Gruenberg, President

Karren MacKool, Vice President 

Julie DeVita, Secretary

Randy Wilson, Treasurer

Chineva Early, Trustee

Taylor Monday, Trustee

Gerald Podsiadlik, Trustee


Upcoming Board Meetings