Upper Elementary (3-5)

Below are links to the expectations, assignments, and videos for our third, fourth, and fifth graders at both Bellview and Pleasantview. Please contact your teacher via Class Dojo with questions!

Third Grade

Third Grade Week 7 Schedule
Read Along Link: The Bad Seed by Jory John
Math Lesson Link: Intro to Division

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Week 7 Schedule

Math Lesson for June 1-5: Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators

Reading Lesson for June 1-5:

Check out this Flocabulary video for an introduction to the five informational text structures. 

Writing Lesson for June 1-5:

Quick video link for The Five Senses Song

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Schedule & Expectations

Previous Materials

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Schedule & Expectations

Week 5

Reading: Predictions & Conclusions

Math: Adding/Subtracting Decimals

Math: Expanding Decimals

Math: Finding Decimals on a Number Line


Math: Multiplying Decimals


Week 4

Week 4 Math Lesson

Week 4 Reading Lesson


Week 3

Week 3 Math Video



Week 3 Writing Video


Week 2

Week 2 Writing Video


Math: Fractions Part 1 (Part of whole vs. group)

Math: Fractions Part 2 (Reading Fractions)

Math: Fractions Part 3 (Representing Fractions)

Math: Fractions Part 4 (Comparing and Ordering)

Math: Fractions Part 5 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions)

Math: Fractions Part 6 (Simplifying)


Week 1

Week 1 Math Video


Week 1 Informational Text Video