Enrichment Activities

Looking for additional activities in Social Studies, Science, STEM or other areas of interest?

Take Home Kits

Last week America watched with excitement as US Astronauts returned to space. This week, you can be a space explorer and learn more about the planets of the solar system with this webquest. To learn more about space, explore these links: 

NASA video of the Launch America SpaceX Falcon 9.

The official website of NASA is packed with information. You can learn about different missions, see amazing photographs and more.

Space Place is the NASA website for kids.

Watch this video to see what happens with Nickelodeon Slime in space. (You NEED to watch this! It’s so cool!)

Take a virtual field trip to The Earth and Science Center Hudnall Planetarium.

Here’s a short History Channel video about the constellations.

Print a constellation map so you can identify stars in the night sky.

Printable Resources

Indoor Scavenger Hunt
Needs and Wants Worksheet
Dots and Boxes
Paper Hovercrafts

Online Resources

Jack Hartmann Kids Music (YouTube): Songs for kids and educational videos will help children learn counting, numbers, reading and language skills, nursery rhymes, science, physical fitness, dance and movement. Children actively participate in all the learning with lots of movement and fun. (Grades K-3)

Water on a Penny Activities

The next enrichment kit is a science experiment to see how many drops of water you can fit on a penny. You can pick up a kit with everything you need at food service sites beginning on Monday, May 18. If you don’t participate in the food service program you can find the experiment directions here.  For more science fun, check out these links:

Additional "Prepare with Pedro" Activities

This week’s enrichment packet included a booklet of activities from the American Red Cross. With spring come storms. This is a good time to review your family’s emergency preparedness. Check out these links to the American Red Cross, and the National Weather Service to learn more. We’ve also added some fun learning links for weather and maps.

If you missed the "Prepare with Pedro" safety activity book, you can get it here.

Additional Time Capsule Ideas

History and Writing

We are living in historic times, and activities like the Time Capsule are a great way to capture memories for the future. You might be interested in learning more about history or other ways to journal or make your own books. Here are some links to check out!

If you missed the COVID-19 Time Capsure, you can get it here. There’s even a version for the grown-ups hereand here’s a special add-on for anyone who has/had a birthday during this time.


Additional Animal Activities

This week's activities are all about identifying animals! Extend your learning with these links:

States & Places Activities

This week you can host your own family game night with US States and Capitals BINGO! If you don’t participate in the food service program you can get your BINGO kit here. Want to learn more about states and other places? Check out these links!

Test your knowledge of Michigan facts with these riddles.

The US Census Bureau has all kinds of state facts for kids. Click each state to learn more.

National Geographic Kids has facts and photos of all the states plus the District of Columbia.

Find state symbols, flags, maps, and more.

Fact Monster includes tons of information in state profiles.

If you are a list and fact fanatic, you’ll love this kid-friendly site.

A “weird fact” for every state.

Wind Walk Travel Videos takes viewers on virtual walking tours all around the world.

Google Expeditions is a free app (available in Google Play and the Apple App Store) that lets you go on virtual trips or explore objects—you can even swim with sharks!

Additional Plant Activities

The remote learning enrichment packet for the week of May 25 includes a kit to grow your own beans and an interactive notebook to learn about the parts of a plant. Check out the instructions here! Continue your learning about plants with these links: Plants that eat bugs? Check out this list of YouTube videos for kids: https://bit.ly/3bfCtDM Did you know you can grow flowers you can eat? https://bit.ly/2SKJ1nB

Learn all kinds of cool things about plants: https://science4fun.info/plants/

Plant experiments, games, facts and more: https://www.sciencekids.co.nz/plants.html

More plant life cycle activities.

Easy Science for Kids has tons of interesting information on different types of plants.

Take a virtual field trip of the Great Lakes Wetlands.